RUT240 - Unable to ping remote device

new user for Teltonika.

I am trying to connect remotely to an edge device (PLC) via VPN using the RMS.

I’ve followed the youtube video, installed openVPN and connected.

But still can’t ping the PLC from my PC.

The PLC and the LAN port of the router are connected together to a switch.

The Teltonika LAN port was configured to be in the same network as the PLC, and from the WebUI I am able to ping to the PLC.

Thanks in advance,

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For this you will need to connect your PC to the Open VPN network - RMS VPN Hubs - Teltonika Networks Wiki
If you did this already the next step will be to add a route to the PLC IP - RMS VPN Hubs - Teltonika Networks Wiki
Clive Pinto

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