Rut240 swisscom mobile disconnected

Hallo - ich habe 8 RUT240 und bin an der Konfiguration vom ersten Gerät. Habe eine Swisscom-SIM-Karte (Daten) diese ist aktiviert. Der RUT240 ist am Macbook angeschlossen über LAN-Kabel, ich habe Zugriff auf die Benutzeroberfläche. Die SIM-Karte ist aktiviert und es besteht auch ein Abo. Das Gerät zeigt die Karte wie folgt:
Data Connection: disconnected
State: registered (home); Swisscom; 4G (FDD LTE)
SIM card Info: ready
Bytes received / Sent: 792.2 MB / 100.8MB

Warum ist die Karte disconnected??? Kann jemand helfen?

Hi, we appreciate your reaching out to Teltonika Networks.

What is the current version of the firmware?

Please visit Menu → STATUS → NETWORK → MOBILE to confirm Data transmition values.

Look for “Signal Strenght”. What is the value?
Have you tried a different location for better signal strenght? (It will be an smaller negative number)
Look also for SINR to be above 13

I hope this is useful to you.

Hi Julio
Signal Strengt is 3 of 4
Mobile-Data as attached
Just talked to Swisscom, the SIM is unlimited date volume and activated

But I see RMS-Settings: Connection state Failure (Error…) could that be the problem?
Bought some credits but couldn’t assign the credits to a device in RMS-Teletonika-Network.

Hi there
The “Data connection state” is disconnected, which is the problem.
Please use a different device (cellphone) to check the SIM card.
Some operators require a PIN in order to connect to APN, or for the PIN to be left blank.

Try using a different SIM card in the router.
Verify that “Network type” and “Band selection” are set to “auto” in the mobile settings menu.

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