RUT240 sudden huge data usage

We are an IoT-company that uses RUT240 with our camera systems.
I’ve been investigating some routers that have a very high data usage to try and figure out what’s wrong.
We use cameras connected to our routers, the cameras are only in use approx 5 minutes a day, and they stream with the lowest zipstream and only with 720p resolution and 7fps. So a normal data usage every day is usually 10-20mb.
But some routers all of the sudden show 50+ GB usage (sent not downloaded) for a couple of hours and then they go back to normal.
I’ve checked the logs on those routers, there is nothing else connected and some of them even have wifi deactivated.

Have anyone experienced the same thing? The invoices from our ISP have been skyhigh lately.


Does the WebUI of the devices in question also display high data usage? Could the camera feed be monitored somewhere else?
One option to monitor the raw data flow could be by using the TCPdump package available from our package manager (Services → Package manager → Packages). Once installed, the tool can be configured in System → Administration → Troubleshooting menu. Select the mobile interface, and press Save & Apply. After around an hour, in the same menu download the TCPdump file. Do not forget to disable the tcpdump afterward, as it could use up the RAM!
The downloaded archive can be opened with Wireshark and analyzed.
The router itself should only communicate with the carrier infrastructure or RMS (if configured).
Darkstat is also a great package for data monitoring. Instructions on how to install it can be found here: Data Reporting per client on network - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks

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