RUT240 reboot problems

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We have a RUT240 with firmware RUT2_R_00.07.02.7, and since 1 month we have had connection problems. We have the RMS and the reboot scheduled (now also by ping/wget), and it was fine until now, but now it only works when we manually reboot the router. Could it be due to coverage issues and the limitation of reboot attempts?

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I’d start by updating the device to the latest firmware (currently RUT2_R_00.07.04.5_WEBUI.bin), and checking is the issue reappears. There have been many changes since 07.02.7, and your issue could be related to one of them. I’d recommend updating without the Keep Settings option enabled.
Additionally, could you clarify if the devices Web interface is reachable once the issue occurs? What is the configuration of ping reboot?

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So far I had a reboot every 3 days (planned), at 00:05, and it worked properly. Now we have each day to try to solve the problem.

In fact, every time we lost connection, it would later reconnect sooner or later until a month ago.

Now we don’t reach the router via RMS (no connection), and we use a SIM (matooma) without configuring a phone number (we can’t activate it via SMS).

The ping reboot I redefined the existing default to 10 seconds, to test.

PS: Pending next visit to installation I will try to update the firmware without Keep Settings option, but I’m afraid it won’t be a problem of de over demand this days or similar…


Sure, let me know how it goes on the site. If you manage to catch the event locally, and you’re able to reach the WebUI, please navigate to System → Administration → Troubleshoot, press the show button under the System Logs, copy the logs and paste them in the comment section. Make sure to remove any private information if it is present in the logs.

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