Rut240 random reboots


I am having trouble with my rut240 because It is rebooting randomly. I have the latest firmware and i have also done a factory reset. The web-ui logs does not tell my anything, so i wonder if there is a way to add some debug logging which would catch what is going on…

If you’re experiencing random reboots with your Rut240 router and the web-ui logs are not providing any useful information, adding debug logging can be a helpful approach to diagnose the issue further. Here are some steps you can take to enable debug logging on your router:

Check Router Documentation: Start by checking the official documentation or support resources provided by the manufacturer for your Rut240 router. Look for any specific instructions on enabling debug or diagnostic logging.

Access Router CLI : Log in to your router’s Command Line Interface (CLI) if it’s accessible. Some routers allow advanced users to access the CLI, where you can enable additional logging options.

Enable Debug Logging: In the router’s CLI or web interface, look for options related to logging and debugging. You may find settings to increase the log level or enable specific debug features.

Monitor System Logs: Once you’ve enabled debug logging, monitor the system logs regularly. Look for any error messages, warnings, or other information that might indicate the cause of the random reboot

Contact Manufacturer Support: If you’re still unable to identify the issue, consider reaching out to the manufacturer’s support team. They might have additional troubleshooting steps or insights to help you resolve the problem.

6Check for Known Issues: Check the manufacturer’s website and community forums for any known issues or firmware updates related to random reboots. Sometimes, router manufacturers release firmware updates to address such issues.

Check Hardware: Consider checking the physical hardware of the router. Ensure that it’s properly connected, well-ventilated, and not overheating, as these factors can also contribute to unexpected reboots.

Reset and Reconfigure: As a last resort, if the issue persists and no solutions are found, you might try performing another factory reset and reconfiguring PayMyDoctor the router from scratch. This can sometimes resolve software-related issues.

Please be cautious when making changes to your router’s settings, especially in the CLI, as incorrect configurations can cause further problems. If you’re not familiar with advanced router settings or debugging procedures, it’s best to seek assistance from the manufacturer’s support team or a knowledgeable network technician.

Thanks for your quick reply. I found the way to enable debugging via the legacy webui, but this part seems to be hidden in the recent ui. I did not yet find how to enable it via ssh (cli), so i’ll continue searching. One option could be to revert to an older firmware version that has the legacy ui.
I’m pretty sure the problem has to be something simple, because this device is supposed to be pretty solid…
One thingn that came to my mind is that i am locking to a certain cell, because the location is of where the router is, is in a quite bad location regarding to 4G towers…

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