RUT240 POE Recommendations

Putting a feeler out for recommendations on POE injectors for the RUT240, I understand it must be a passive POE injector and is not compliant with the 802.3af-2003 or 802.3at standard. Just looking to see what others or perhaps Teltonika recommends themselves

i use a lot the injectors or the converter from active- to passive-PoE from

Another vote for Ubiquiti ( They sell lots of different kinds of PoE adapters (AKA injectors/midspans). I believe this will work but I haven’t tried yet (perhaps someone will confirm): POE-24-7W-G-WH ( 24V DC PoE Adapter - Ubiquiti Store Canada

Confirmed that POE-24-7W-G-WH works for powering RUT240. Have only tested for a couple hours - will report back if there’s any issues.