RUT240 ping reboot not succeeding

We have noticed several routers losing internet connection and needing manual power cycles lately which is very expensive for our customers and not sustainable. We have enabled ping reboot per the below settings but this does not seem to help. Looking for advice on other settings that might be better. Our customers need very high reliability and unfortunately some of our Teltonika’s are not providing this. What reboot settings would be better?

If it was ‘bricked’ i.e. totally unresponsive, then a power cycle will not solve your problems … are you sure it’s ‘bricked’?

Probably best you describe the behaviour you’re seeing rather then saying it’s ‘bricked’ … this gives you the maximum chance of getting a reply that helps you.

Ok I updated the language, thanks for the tip.

The firmware you’re running is aaancient…
If you have “several” routers, you want to try one with a newer firmware and see if it gets any better?
01.14.7 first and if you’re brave then up to 07.06.11.

RUT240 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki


As I understand, a ping reboot is not your main issue but rather the method you are using to solve it. Could you explain why you need a manual power cycle and what issues your device is experiencing? How long has it been in production? Additionally, could you provide the logread where the ping reboot functionality would be visible, so we can check what the problem is?

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HI Marijus, this device has been deployed in the field for about 2 years. It suddenly just stopped reporting on June 7th and would not come back on its own, so the customer sent out a technician and they power cycled the modem and it came back online.

How do I go about finding the specific logread where it would show the ping reboot functionality? I’m attaching a debug file but I don’t know how to set up or use the logs.
I’d love some guidance on how to make sure I am capturing the correct logs.

I do have a screenshot showing the modbile data disconnected on June 7th and then the it doesn’t regain connection.

Should I be using Events Reporting Configuration for reboot?

Also, I’m not allowed to attach files so I can’t send the log file that I downloaded.


To determine the root cause of this issue, we’ll need the troubleshoot file. Since it contains private information, we’ll handle it on a separate platform. Instructions for accessing it have been sent to the email you registered for this forum. You can fin troubleshoot file under System section in WebUI.

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