RUT240 open collector remember last state

Hi .Could anybody help with configuring setting please , I use my RUT240 only for switch on/off relay connected to : power pin and OC pin , Works perfect with sending comands by sms text : start for relay on , stop for relay off .Basic state after switching RUT is power on , then I send text for relay off , relay is off . And my question is how RUT240 can remember last its relay state after cut off main power , it returns to basic state ( relay On ) and not remaining on latest position ,position before cutting power off?

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It is possible, although it will require some modifications to the existing rule.
Navigate to Services → Mobile Utilities → SMS Utilities. Edit the ioset rule, and enable the checkbox “Write to Config”. This option will write the current state of the relay to the flash memory and when the device reboots it will stay in the same state as before the reboot:

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