RUT240 not allowing push messages on mobile phones

Hi All,

I have a RUT240 being used in its simplest form - factory reset / new admin credentials and wifi passwords set up / sim installed - up and running. The problem is that while internet access if perfect I am getting no push notifications through it. 2 separate android telephones both behaving the same (and they both work perfectly when connected to a conventional home broadband wifi / router)

No notifications come through on whatsapp / gmail / doorbell app, until you either go into the app and check manually, or switch from wifi to 4g on the phone… then the whole lot come through all at once.
Incidentally if you whatsapp one phone to the other, the sending phone doesn’t even show the message as ‘delivered’ until the receiving phone either goes to 4g or you open the app manually then you get 'received / read both at once.

The sim provider says it’s not their sim causing it and i know the phones are fine…so…
any ideas that anyone has would be great to hear.


It is very unlikely that the RUT240 is causing this issue.
It seems like it could be an issue with the phone power saving settings or background data consumption limits.
The only thing I could suggest here, is in the WiFi network settings, change the “Metered network” option to Treat as unmetered:

If that does not help, I’d look deeper into the power/data saving settings of the mobile phone.

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Hi Daumantas,

Thank you for responding.

I have checked both telephones and they are both not restricted on downloading or power / data saving, moreover both on highest performance where ever possible.

Also, they work perfectly on other wifi networks which is why i ruled that out…
I appreciate your time though.


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