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The rut240 just stopped providing mobile internet. I tried all the usual suspects (apn, manual band, sim diff. phone, fw, firewall,…), but no luck. We’re over landing through EU and Africa and had no connection problems at all, untill now. Even with the latest fs it got worse… Wan works! But try to find wifi in the desert.

Thanks for your help!


Is my understand correct that the device has no mobile internet connection only in the desert?

Could you please share information from the ‘Data transmission’ and ‘Connection’ sections in Status → Network → Mobile?

Also, what firmware version is installed on RUT240?

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Hi Andzej,

We have almost no mobile date traffic anywhere with the rut240. Even if we stand next to antenna. We are now in the forest in France. All phone’s have perfect connection, the rut240 also has connection, but no data traffic, or extremely slow. Even our back-up old iphone 8 has better connection here.

FW: 07.04.5

operator: Orange F Orange B
operator state: running
cell id: ok!
data connection state: connected
network type: 4g(lye)

Data transmission:
see attached pic

Thank you for your help! I would like to see it resolved before we take the ferry to Africa.




Could you please check if both mobile antennas are properly attached?

Please, check what cell towers are available in your area and what frequency bands they use. You can use a cellmaper website here. Try locking the device to the frequency bands in the area. You can select frequency bands in Network → Mobile → General.

Another thing you can try is to lower the MTU on the mobile interface. This can be done in Network → Interfaces → edit mob1s1a1 → Advanced settings. Value to try are 1460, 1360, 1260.

From the screenshot you have attached, it seems that the RSRP and SINR is fairly poor (RSRP shows no signal). This can definately be the cause of slow internet connection. You can find more information about signal recommendations here.

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Both antennas are properly attached.
I used the cellmap website and changed the frequency band to the specific area and
I changed the MTU and it does a little something on the download speed, but still only around 252kb/s, so not the speed i need to work remotely. → Does this mean i need to do this every time i arrive in a new area? The auto mode doesn’t work?

I’ve noticed also that the RSRP has no signal, so connection, but how come i have a better connection and this signal on my iphone and not on the modem?

I just swapped again all simcard’s and the 3G is going faster on the iphone se then the Rut240…

Goodmorning! Any news for me please?


For band selection, the decision of which band to connect to is made by the modem, not the RUT240. Teltonika doesn’t manufacture these modems, so we don’t have specifics on their selection logic. Generally, the device often connects to the band with the strongest signal. The screenshots indicate the device is connecting to LTE band 20 with a decent signal. However, other metrics, like RSRP and SINR, are not optimal.

Additionally, it is also possible that the operator is throttling your connection when it detects that the SIM card is used in a router. You can try increasing TTL to see if it helps, though there is no guarantee that this will help. For this, I suggest taking a look at the forum post here.

Concerning the speed differences, it stems from the modems in the RUT240 and the iPhone. The RUT240 uses a CAT4 LTE module, while newer phones support LTE categories beyond 20. To learn more about these speed discrepancies, I suggest reading our wiki page here.

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