RUT240 No Layer 2 communication from Wifi to LAN

Hi, i used several RUT240 over the years, mainly in conjunction with Siemens SIMATIC PLC and other automation devices.

Via OpenVPN-TAP-Bridge and LAN, i’m able to use Layer 2 mechanisms like Profinet DCP (e.g. search fo accesible devices and configure them). But i recently noticed, that these L2 traffic doesn’t work via Wifi interface anymore (currently using FW 07.04 or above). The layer 3 traffic works flawless on all interfaces (VPN, ETH, WIFI). I’m quiet shure, that with older firmware versions (e.g. Legacy Firmware), that L2 traffic wasn’t blocked.

Any suggestions if i’m overlooking the right setting or is it just not possible anymore with L2 forwarding via Wifi?

Best regards

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