RUT240: MQTT data-to-server does not reconnect after 10 hours


We are using the data-to-server service to send every 5 second ModbusTCP data to our MQTT broker (vernemq). When we stop the broker for 2h and then start it again, we receive immediately all data.
But when we stop the broker for >10h, the router does not reconnect to the broker.

At some point, the OOM killer kills the data_sender process and it gets restartet.
For debugging purpose: All previous data is lost and the connection is established again.

We have not set the retry option, since it’s only retrying with a maximum of 10min, which wouldn’t help in our case.
Firmware is latest: RUT2_R_00.07.05

We don’t care that much about the lost data - what we would expect is that the router tries to reconnect not only after 2h, but also after 10h.


Thanks for reaching us.

I would recommend that you upgrade to the newest firmware 7.05.4 before attempting to test it.

Unfortunately, we do not have a retrying option to limit to 10 hours for your situation; in that case, a custom script is required to develop a script for the router to try to reconnect to your broker after 10 hours.

More on link below:


Sorry for the confusion. We are already on RUT2_R_00.07.05.4…

We don’t need a retry. Like I said: We don’t care that much about missing data, so a retry is not necessary.

What we need is a reconnect, which seems to work after at least 2h of disconnect. The software seems to have a bug, because it can reconnect after 2h, but can’t reconnect after 10h.

Is there any chance that this will be fixed in a future firmware version?

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