RUT240 Low Mbps

Hello, my rut240 is getting very low Mbps 12.26down 14.38up, when sim is used in my phone I’m getting 90.95down 29.87up, I have set everything up with the wizard, and have double checked it, and reset the unit several times , I’m sure I’m missing something, could someone give some tips on how to get it running better Mbps? any help would be great, thanks philip

Hello Philip,

Modern phones support faster LTE technologies than most Teltonika-Networks devices as they are made and used for different purposes. Most of the speed discrepancies are due to carrier aggregation (CA). To see how CA and other factors can affect LTE speeds, please refer to the LTE Speed Discrepancies page.

Let me know if you have any further questions,

i DziugasS

Thank you for getting back, I did have better download speeds before, so something has changed or router is not working right? Is it possible I could chat with someone to make sure I have everything setup properly? I’m on whatsup if that would help?



Hello Philip,

The quality of download speed directly depends on such factors as the coverage of the connection, terrain, load on the base station and distance from the base station, the power, type, direction and other characteristics. So firstly I would try to check if the signal strength is strong and try adjusting antennas, device location, to better signal.

Also keep in mind that RUT240 has a CAT4 mobile modem, as a result, no carrier aggregation is possible on this device. Thus, speed discrepancies in comparison to your mobile phone are to be expected.

Also, you can try to upgrade firmware to the newest version and check out maybe there is an update for your mobile modem too. Here is a guide on how to perform firmware upgrade: RUT240 Firmware - Teltonika Networks Wiki

If this does not work, you could try resetting your router to default settings and trying out the speed then, see if it improves and then configure what you need on the router. To check out how to reset your device to factory settings, refer to this guide: RUT240 Device Recovery Options - Teltonika Networks Wiki

If all of the above steps did not help, I have sent a hubspot instructions to your email, where I will ask you for more sensitive information.

Let me know how it goes,

Hello DziugasS
I have a Poynting puck 2 antenna on the motorhome roof, (no obstacles around it) . Rut240 was updated RUT2_R_00.07.03.4 Router has been reset several times now. Ive received a form from Teltonika by email, they are requesting a Community support form ticket ID* and Ticket description* How do I find these? Regards Philip

Hello Philip,

The latest firmware version for RUT240 is RUT2_R_00.07.06.11, could you try upgrading your firmware to the latest one and then see if the internet speed improves?

Ive received a form from Teltonika by email, they are requesting a Community support form ticket ID* and Ticket description* How do I find these?

Your ticket ID is 6293, you can see that in your web browser URL:

Let me know if upgrading to the latest firmware fixes the issue for you,

Hi DziugasS
I’ve now updated firmware to latest edition, thank you for that. Speeds have improved to 18-20 mbps download, same for upload speeds also, much better but still not quite as good as it was before, could you suggest any other tips what I could do to improve on what I have so far? regards Philip

Hi DziugasS
I’ve sent the information regarding time and date for schedule a remote session but have not got any response yet? how do I get into TeamViewer platform? regards Philip

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