RUT240 keeps disconnecting loop until reboot


I’ve a RUT240 with firmware = 07.05.4

The unit has fail into a modem disconnect/connect loop until a reboot is done. It’s has happened this morning at 2h28am until somebody went to reboot the device at 4h00 am.

The device can be accessed to the RMS platform.

There’s no Low Signal Reconnect, Default SIM card or failover configuration done.

I can’t attach picture or troubleshoot files…

In the RMS system, I’ve seen it was working 2 days on the 3G signal and tonight it automatically swap to the 4G. I’ve set it back to 3G only to see…


When the disconnection happens, can you confirm if you can still access the router through WebUI or CLI/SSH? If possible, wait for the issue to recur, then navigate to System → Maintenance → Troubleshoot and check the system logs. Please share the logs generated around the time of the issue. Before posting them here on a public forum, make sure to hide any sensitive information like public IP addresses , IMEI numbers, etc, that may potentially appear in the logs.

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