RUT240 fazla internet kullanimi

Merhaba sistemimizde 25 adet rut 240 modem bulunmaktadik ve modemler ipsec vpn ile sisteme baglidir.son zamanlarda bazi 240 modellerin fazla internet kullanimi yasiyorum normalde saatte 10 mb tuketen cihazlar 100 mb kullanmaya basladi.vpn leri kapatmamiza 4agmen internet tuketiyor sahada internete cikan cihaz bulunmuyor ve wifiler kapali ama sorunu bir turlu cozemedim .yardimlariniz icin tesekkur ederim.turkcelin data hatlari kullanilmaktadir.


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You can monitor the data traffic coming on the internet using the TCPdump tool, which you can get from our package manager (Services → Package manager → Packages). Install it and set it up in System → Administration → Troubleshooting. Choose the mobile interface, click Save & Apply, and after about an hour, download the TCPdump file from the same menu.

Then Open the downloaded file with Wireshark for analysis the traffic.

Another option, Darkstat package

To set up Darkstat, use these SSH commands:

  1. Update the package list: opkg update
  2. Install Darkstat: opkg install darkstat
  3. Enable Darkstat to start on boot: /etc/init.d/darkstat enable
  4. Start Darkstat: /etc/init.d/darkstat start

Afterward, open your web browser and enter your router’s IP address with the added port 667


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