RUT240 disabling call receivings

Hi, i´ve not found a Topic which sort´s out my problem. I´m using the RUT240 device with a Multi-SIM card from our provider. The data connection via mobile connection works and everything is fine. The problem i faced at the moment is, to receiving calls on my mobile phone. The phone is ringing only one time, and then (it seems) the router with the second SIM-card (of course the same phone number) takes off. So for me the call is lost. Unfortunately my provider is not able to disable the incomming calls for the multi-SIM. There are any function in the settings in the router to fix the problem? The router shall not receive calls. Thank you very much. BR Thomas


For this one, you can navigate to Services → Mobile Utilities → Call Utilities. Then in the incoming calls section, you can choose the ‘Reject’ option to the action field.

After saving the config, the router should now reject any incoming calls from the SIM card inserted to it.
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