RUT240 - DHCP issues

Setup: RUT240 with WAN port switched as 2nd LAN port. DHCP server active on both ports. Two DHCP clients connected to these ports. Clients have different MAC and different hostnames. the client ID is the same for both.

Testing shows:

  • Mostly the devices get no IP
  • Sometimes they do.
  • The address given is not shown correctly in the router info but it is shown correctly in the router network log
  • If I use an external switch and connect both clients via this switch to the LAN port, the clients get no DHCP address.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Which firmware you’re running on your RUT240?

The latest

Is that 07.06.10?

Asking as there are 2 different versions and “the latest” could mean anything.

RUT240 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki


Firstly, have you configured both ports to be assigned to the same LAN, or do they have different LAN subnets? Have you tried following this tutorial: Setting up WAN as LAN? Do you have any other pre-existing configurations on the device? For proper testing, I would recommend resetting the device and then configuring WAN as LAN, proceeding with the testing afterward.

Best regards,

Sorry bout that - the version it is on is RUT2_R_00.07.06.10

Thanks Han

Yes - both ports are on the same LAN - all configured after a factory reset.

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