RUT240 crashes periodicly without any usable log files

Hello everyone,

I have problems with randomly crashing RUT240’s. I use the auto-reboot and ping-reboot services but that’s not helping.

The RUT240 freezes to the point that no events are logged anymore (can be seen at the attached screenshots, both screenshots are from the same device). Only shutting down the power supply does help. After rebooting this way, the RUT240 works for days or weeks till the same problem occurs again. Sometimes the device reboots itself after several days.

This problem can be experienced with multiple devices using the following FW versions:
FW 07.04.03
FW 07.01.4

Is this problem known or is it fixed in newer FW’s ?

Thank you!

have this problem too with FW version RUT2_R_00.07.04.5. There is no info in the log files about the fault, the modem just becomes unresponsive and needs to be power cycled. Auto reboot doesn’t fix it.


It is hard to say what exactly is causing this issue. However, here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure you update the device to the latest firmware version with ‘keep settings’ option disabled. The device will need to be reconfigured, but this will ensure that the configurations are clean.

  • Ensure that your PSU is not damaged and the power is stable.

  • Make sure that there are no services running that are storing data on the device. For example, a script or a tcpdump that runs continuosly.

  • If you are running any custom scripts, please try removing those to ensure that the issue is not caused by your script.

  • Monitor device’s RAM and Flash memory and ensure that that it does not reach 100%. Also, monitor the temperature and ensure it is within the limits.

  • For testing purposes, navigate to System → Maintenence → Troubleshoot and change the location where the logs are stored from RAM to Flash. This way, the logs will persist after a reboot. Next time when the issue occurs, you can navigate to the same troubleshoot page and view system logs. The logs may provide more insight into the issue. Do not forget to change the settings to save the logs to RAM again, as writing to flash memory continuosly will reduce its lifetime.

  • Finally, try performing the bootloader procedure described here to reflash the firmware.

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