Rut240 conversion rut241

Hello, I’m new to the community.
I wanted to know if it is possible to convert a backup file of a rut240 to a rut241.
Thank you.


I’m sorry to inform you that converting backup files is not possible. To successfully apply a backup file, the following conditions must be met:

  • The devices must have the same firmware version.
  • They must be the same device type (for example, from RUT241 to RUT241).
  • They must have the same product code.

There is a method that can be used: by using the command uci export >/tmp/test.txt, then copying this file to another device and executing uci import </tmp/text.txt. However, this method does not guarantee a 100% transfer, as variables may be different or not present when going from one device to another.

The best solution would be to set up each RUT241 individually. This ensures that each device is correctly configured and that its backup can be used for other RUT241 devices.

Kind regards,