RUT240 Connect to device, Local IPv6 address

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I have a device with a link-local IPv6 address (fe80…) that I would like to connect to remotely. I have two RUT240 routers and was wondering if there was any way I could do this.

The end device has a desktop app that usually connects directly to the device through a LAN port.

Please let me know if there are any options, or I need to provide more information.

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Could you clarify if you have IPv6 available on your WAN interface?
Can the device reached using IPv4?
If both sites have public IPv6 available, then there should be no issue reaching the LAN clients using a public IPv6 address itself, as fe80 addresses act as internal addresses and are not routed over the public internet.
Most VPN services create a virtual IPv4 network, and I’ve not tested using IPv6 with link-local addresses, thus this would need more testing. Please provide your requirements beforehand, as I believe there may be a better solution.

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