RUT240 - Cannot acces to device RMS VPN HUB


I currently have the topology used as shown in the figure. - firmawe version RUT2 R

Being connected to RMS server via OpenVPN client I am able to ping LAN devices e.g. On the other hand I am no longer able to log in via from RMS user.

The second problem I encountered is the inability to add to static routes devices with addresses, - I can ping other device from this LAN network.
With autoscan I do not find these devices. I can add them manually, but the devices are not pinged.
I should add that I have no problems with


Perhaps instead of adding static routes to the specific devices you could try adding a route to an entire network?
In your case the configuration would look like so:

Additionally, don’t forget to enable the LAN Forwarding toggle:

The issue with autodiscover could be related to the devices ARP table not being synchronized with RMS yet, however, without exploring your particular hub, it will be hard to tell the exact reason.

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The static routes for the entire network did not work. However, changing the netmask from to helped. Now I can ping all devices.

There is still the issue of logging into the devices over https from the RMS User.

I can log into device using RMS connect - Unfortunately, after a few seconds I lose communication with the device

On the other hand, I would like to be able to use the device from the RMS User. Could you please guide me where I should look for the problem?


Could you clarify how you are accessing the device via “RMS User”?
If the device with IP address is a third-party device, it can be accessed using RMS Connect (as per the screenshot), or via VPN Hubs. Please clarify which feature you are experiencing difficulties with.
Does the issue with RMS Connect only occur when using port 443 (as opposed to 80)?

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By rms user I mean a computer that is connected to the VPN Hub server using the openVPN client.

I have a problem with two feature:

-RMS connect - I can connect to the device via https, log on to it, while every time after 10 seconds it kicks me out and I have to repeat the procedure

  • VPN Hubs – I can ping device , but I cannot log on this using https. On the other hand, I have no problem logging into the PLC ( using software from the manufacturer

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