RUT240 06E000. Only 4g led alight. No internet

My RUT240 has a woeking SIM, is connected to an external Poynting ariel and is showing 3 bars signal strength but only the 4G LED is alight and blinking intermittently (ie. 2G and 3G not lit) and I seem to have no internet connection.

Can anyone help me resolve this please.



This LED behavior would indicate that the RUT240 is connected, but no data connection is established.
Please make sure that:

  • The device is running the latest firmware;
  • Correct APN is set in Network → General → Interfaces → mob1s1a1 interface;
  • The SIM card functions properly in a mobile phone;
  • Mobile antennas are attached properly;

If none of the aforementioned steps help, please navigate to Status → Network → Mobile and take a screenshot. Attach it to your next comment.

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