RUT230 Wireguard config not generated

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I have troubles setting up a wireguard tunnel with my RUT230. I configure the things (Endpoint, Host, Peer) in the UI but then no interface new pops up and running the wg command in CLI just return “interface: MyConnection” but not the interface parameters. I have try adding them via CLI, it adds them for a blink but then when I rerun wg, once again everything has disappear and I have juste “interface: MyConnection”…

Am I missing something ?

Thank you for your help


Do I understand correctly that when you enter wireguard settings via WebUI and click save&apply, the settings are not saved?

Is the issue limited to WireGuard, or are there other instances where you’re experiencing configuration loss or missing device information?

What firmware version are you running? Please ensure that you are running the latest firmware that is available for RUT230. It can be downloaded from here.

Also, you can try restoring the device to factory defaults from System → Backup or reflashing the firmware via bootloader procedure as described here. Keep in mind that you will likely need to upload a v6 legacy firmware first, and then update to v7 via WebUI.

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Settings are saved in the UI but does not seems to be taken into account by the router. When I use the command line interface to investigate. Wireguard replies as if I had created an empty configuration (which is not the case). No network interface is created (ifconfig check)

Version is RUT2_R_00.07.03.4, re-install and reset button twice to be sure


Can you check if there is a Wireguard interface and a peer in the network config file?

cat /etc/config/network

Is it enabled? If you decide to share the output, make sure you hide/blur your keys.

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Here is the part of network config file that we talk I guess:

Thank you for looking into this

ok, for the next one, it seems that I found the issue.
Wireguard seems unable to do the domain name resolution, at least in it’s Teltonika package. If i replace by an IP it works like a charm.

Thank you for your support

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