Rut200 vs rut241


what are the main differences between RUT200 and RUT241 (Please notice I didn’t ask about RUT240, but instead RUT200).

RUT200 and RUT241 seem like the same device on comparison page.


The main differences between the RUT200 and RUT241 are LTE modules and certifications.
In terms of hardware and software specifications, the RUT200 and RUT241 are quite similar.

However, the key distinction is in the LTE module they support:

RUT200 support Quectel EC200A-EU LTE module.

RUT241: Support Quectel EC25-EC LTE module.

Furthermore, there are variations in Certification and Approvals between the two devices. To explore the specific differences, you can refer to the following links:

RUT200 Certification & Approvals:

RUT241 Certification & Approvals:


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