RUT200 - TCP data from PLC and publish in DNP3

Is it possible to get the data in TCP and publish the same data in DNP3? For RUT200.

It’s possible to retrieve data from a PLC using TCP and then publish that data in DNP3 protocol using the RUT200 router.
To accomplish this, you will need to configure the RUT200 router to act as a DNP3 master and PLC will act as an outstation. You will need to set up the router to receive data from the PLC using TCP.


DNP3 can be installed using the package manager.
Open the ‘Services’ tab and click the ‘Package Manager’ button. On DNP3 click the ‘+’ button to install the DNP3 package.

After that navigate to Services→DNP3

To setup TCP MASTER click on the TCP Master Button and click ‘ADD’ to add a new master.

TCP Configuration

On this section we configure the parameters of the DNP3 Outstation that the Master will be querying with requests.

To obtain data from DNP3 Outstation configure a DNP3 instance. The DNP3 Master will send a request to DNP3 outstation specifying the function codes to be sent. The outstation then sends the requested data back to the DNP3 Master.

On the ‘ADD NEW INSTANCE SECTION’ type the name of the instance.

TCP MASTER should look like this.

A DNP3 Outstation component communicates with a single master via a communication channel.
To configure the DNP3 Outstation Go to Services→ DNP3→ DNP3 OUTSTATION

NOTE: The Local Address and the Remote Address configuration in TCP Master and DNP3 Outstation are configured in reverse such that the Local address in TCP Master is the Remote address in the DNP3 Outstation and vice versa.

for guidance on how to configure the router properly Please check the below link


Thank you for your reply.
But my intention was, PLC will provide data to RUT200 in TCP MODBUS and RUT200 will publish the same data to server in DNP3. Protocol need to convert.
Is it possible?


Unfortunately, RUT200 cannot convert because of these two different protocols. but we can support DNP3 with multiple masters and outstations.


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