RUT200 No internet after a while

Dear all,
I report a problem that I have seen many times both with RUT 240 and with RUT 200. The tests have been carried out in particular with the italian operator ILIAD with standard data plan.

In particular, I have noticed many times, regularly, that after some hours (3-10hrs) the module goes silently offline, showing in the status page that all is correct (connected, 4g signal, etc) but no data exchange with public network. In few cases it shows “Disconnected, registered to ILIAD” but nothing else changes. It is not a DNS problem. In general the signal strenght of the area is very good.

The problem happened with several firmware revisions in past and with the latest firmware revision with RUT200.

I am sure that it is enough to enter the mobile wan settings, and save the settings by keeping the same settings (apn, etc) and the connection restarts after few seconds.

I have troubleshoot file, but I cannot upload right now because I am a new user.

Since we use the router for professional connections, we need to know if there is a solution other than ping-reboot.

Thank you very much
Luca Capisani


Since this is a public forum, it is not advisable to post troubleshoot files, as they contain sensitive information.
As for the issue itself, it’s not really possible to diagnose it without further information, I will ask you to update the RUT200 to the latest firmware, and once the issue reproduces, open SSH/CLI, and run the following command:

cat /tmp/mobile/mobifd.log

Make sure that information from before, as well as after the disconnection is visible based on the timestamps. Remove any sensitive information that might be present (such as public IP address or APN authentication details).
In case Auto APN is being used, I’d suggest disabling Auto APN feature in the Network → WAN → mob1s1a1 interface and entering the APN provided by your carrier.

Best regards,

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