RUT200 - how to disable VoLTE


I have an issue with sending the sms via RUT200. After doing some research I found out that if I turn off the VoLte the text messages are send ok. There is an option in the WebGui to turn the VoLte off:

Deafult is auto I put it to off.
But in my case it is not working, the VoLte is always on.
The only way I can turn it off is to set the band to 2G only.
Is there an issue with that, how can I solve it not turning the band to 2G only?
The router FW is:


Could you please clarify what you mean by:

Is it still ON in the WebUI? Or do you mean that it is OFF in the WebUI, but it does not resolve your issue with SMS sending? How do you test this?

Could you please take a look at this post here and try some of the things mentioned there?

Let me know how it goes.

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thanks for your replay.
I meant that when changed the VoLte to off in the WebUI and rebooted device it will stay in the WebUI off but if I check with the command: gsmctl -v it will show active Volte.
I wonder why is that? Why I can’t change the Volte to off in the WebUX?

Also read the order topic you recommended but no success. The only way as for now is to switch to 2g service then the text messages are send correctly.


Could you please try turning it off in the WebUI → Save & apply. Then, check its status from CLI:

gsmctl -v

If its active, try rebooting the modem with the one of the following commands and checking the status again. Make sure to allow 2-3 minutes for the modem to reboot and connect before checking the VoLTE status again:

mctl -t
mctl -r

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