RUT200 Data connection disconnected

New owner of RUT200 to be used onboard a boat.

Received the router yesterday and still no LTE-connection
I think the problem is Data connedtion, where the info is Disconnected (in red)
I have followed the instructions ie:
Upgrades FW to * Firmware version RUT2M_R_00.07.07.1
Talked to my tele operator (Yousee Denmark) who confirms that the have no restrictions - if it works on my iPad it wil be functioning in a Router as well). Sugested to remove the SIM PIN
Removed SIM pin (on iPad)
Removed SIM pin in settings
Did create “troubleshoot-RUT200-2024-05-30.tar” (when enclosing, Teltronika responds that new users are not allowded))

Help is vere appreciated

I found another value, which might be a problem? Shown in red:

  • Connection state
    Failure (Failed to resolve hostname)


Hi again,
Problem has disappeared!

I am happy as I have a LTE connection without changing anything, except for sleeping!

BR Frank Pedersen

Sure, here’s a clearer version:


I apologize for the delayed response, but I’m glad you are connected now. If a similar issue arises in the future, please generate a troubleshoot file and reach out to us again. To ensure the problem doesn’t slip through the cracks, you can try tagging me or any other Teltonika staff member who’s an administrator of this forum.

Best regards,