RUT200 bridge (layer2) LAN and WAN not working

Hi, I want to bridge LAN and WAN to be able to configure other devices that are using layer2 protocols on RUT200 (FW 7.04.5). I did the configuration as we can find it on the wiki page:
The bridge is working but it’s not working on layer 2, TCP and other upper layers protocols are working fine.
I did the same configuration with RUT360 (FW 7.04.5) and RUT360 is working also on layer2 protocols no problem.

What is the reason for that? Is the difference in HW between RUT200 and RUT360 that we can’t configure that bridge on layer 2 or is there a special configuration needed for the RUT200?

I guess Bridge on ports LAN and WAN works differently than you think.
It’s not supposed to transport L2 protocols over those ports between themself like in the same broadcast domain in L2, it’s more just like mirror functionallity WAN port to LAN port (in L3), but not transparently passing traffic and not bridging those ports together to pass L2 traffic.

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@roberttz thank you for your replay, I guess you must be right, that this is only L3 protocols in case of RUT200, but why is it working with the RUT360? There you can pass L2 traffic with the same configuration done the same way you see on the wiki page as I did with RUT200. Is the hardware difference in this case? How can we check which Teltonika routers have this functionality working on layer 2 if that is correct?

And is it possible to have RUT200 configured to pass L2 layer between LAN and WAN port?

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