RUT12x Interface enable via SMS

I cleverly disabled mob1s1a1 interface thinking I had mob2s1a1 active. Needless to say that disconnected the modem.

How do re-enable the mob1s1a1 interface via sms command ? I am able to control the router via sms

Hello, Mike

Thank you for reaching out.

I’d like to inform you that you can re-enable mob1s1a1 interface using mobile utilities with the following uci commands:

  1. uci delete network.mob1s1a1.disabled
  2. uci commit network

So, the messages to your SIM number should look like that :

  1. <router password > uci delete network.mob1s1a1.disabled
  2. <router password> uci commit network

More useful information about SMS utilities you can find here :

More information about uci commands you can be found here :

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