RUT X50 and fibre

Hi guys,

In two month I will get fibre connection (up to 1000Mbit) instead of 5G. I have following router


according to the fibre provider there are following requirements (in german)

Anforderungen an Router bei DSL-Technik

Unterstützung VDSL2 (G.993.2)
Möglichkeit zur PPPoE-Einwahl
Unterstützung von VLAN 144 (Internet)
Bei Telefonie separate PPPoE-Einwahl in VLAN 145

Is this working with the RUTX50 ?



Either them or you have wrong info.

G.993.2 is VDSL2 technology and basically it works over phone line, it is not related to
fiber internet. (and it’s limited to 200-300mbit also)

Regarding fiber - you will have either fiber connected via usual SFP module or you will have PON (passive optical network) with sort of special SFP module in use.
In both cases provider will give you PON modem or some sort of interface converter/router so you will be able to connect WAN RJ45 on your router to this RJ45 “output” PON/Fiber modem/router.


ok … thanks for the information. As I was able to find out it should work fine. Obviously they gave me more information (not related to my future contract) then I need.

I will see - thanks

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