RUT 956 mobile reconnect via CLI


I have a problem with one of my routers (RUT 956) that is stuck on a 2G connection, it did have a 4G connection, but switch to 2G which is loosing connection after a period of time. I can get the unit to reconnect with an SMS reboot, but it reconnects at 2G . I do not have ‘mobile connection reset’ set up in my SMS commands. I can get a CLI window on to the modem, so is there a modem command from the CLI to do a mobile connection reset ?.



To make your router connect exclusively to 4G, follow these steps:

  • Go to Network → Mobile → General → SIM card settings.
  • Look for the “Network type” option.
  • Choose “4G” as the connection type.

By doing this, your router will only use 4G bands.

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