RUT 956 Connection lost after 3 - 4 days

I have RUT 956 it works fine after 3 - 4 days, but after that the router doesnt connecto to RMS and Zero tier any more.

The Router has two SIM cards but it seems that this feature is not working regardless that SIM switch is actived.

We saw this proble and we activated the auto reboot function, the router restarts every day at 12 00 pm, and this works for 3 - 4 days but after that the router does not connect to the RMS again.


To figure out and fix the current problem, we need more details. Could you please provide the following information?

  1. Firmware Version: Let us know the version of the software your device is currently using.
  2. Connection Loss Details: Tell us if the connection loss is only happening with RMS and ZeroTier, or if it’s affecting other services too.
  3. Internet Connectivity: Check if the device completely loses internet connection during these incidents.
  4. Rebooting: After the router reboots, do the services come back up, or is there any specific trigger that restores them?

Sharing this information will help us understand the situation better and diagnose the issue more accurately. Feel free to provide any other relevant details that might assist in resolving the problem.

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