RUT 956 Connection lost after 3 - 4 days - With Answers

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@Marijus Thanks for the reply.

I was not able to get the firmware since the router when offline, we have other routers on site but we are not experiencing the same issue.

  1. Firmware Version: Let us know the version of the software your device is currently using.
    // The firmware is : RUT9M_R_00.07.04.3

  2. Connection Loss Details: Tell us if the connection loss is only happening with RMS and ZeroTier, or if it’s affecting other services too.
    // Both, RMS and ZeroTier

  3. Internet Connectivity: Check if the device completely loses internet connection during these incidents.
    // it loss completely. after the issues we enable the SIM Switch, it loss the main, the second SIM was enabled but still we got connectvitivy issue, the router showed same level of signal strengh but just dots over real time connectivity. however, not sure what the router never came back to SIM 1 eventhogh it was shown a very bad connection in theory… Once the router was rebooted everything came to normal, also, we enabled every day router reboot, but for some reason, rebooting manially and rebooting via shcedule, we never got the same result…

  4. Rebooting: After the router reboots, do the services come back up, or is there any specific trigger that restores them?
    // just manual reboot / locally


I suggest updating your router’s and modem’s firmwares to the latest versions because your device’s firmware version is more than several versions behind the latest one. Your device’s firmware version is over 6 months old and in this timespan, numerous important updates have been released. Updating should resolve the issue you are having.

I just would like to add, that to ensure you retain your settings, remember to create a backup file before updating the software.

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Which Firmware will you suggest? or just the latest one?

I would suggest the latest one.

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