RUT 955 MQTT to infludb?

what is easiest way to trasport RUT955&956 Broker MQTT messages to influxdb so then can look history exsample grafana

Telegraf?? is possible to install
some python program???


I believe there might be a misunderstanding regarding how our routers handle MQTT broker functionality. Similar to most MQTT brokers, our routers are set up for real-time communication. This means that messages get delivered to subscribers immediately upon publication, and by default, these brokers don’t retain messages after delivery.

The simplest approach would be to subscribe to the MQTT broker (our router) and store the messages using your own solution. For instance, you could utilize Python with the paho-mqtt library, or you can opt for an existing solution/software.

I’ve provided an example of how this can be achieved here: Link to example

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Yep thanks :+1:

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