RUT 955 all rssi led blinks 1hz

Hello there !
I’m new here. I have a RUT 955 set up for my personnal use (embedded in a 4x4 van). The configuration in my house went well but when I installed it in the van all the rssi led started blinking with a 1hz frequency. In the RUT955 manual there is no mention of that behaviour. I’m confused as the behaviour is not always reproducible. I reset factory the router and still all the rssi leds blinks.
If anyone can help me, would be appreciated.
Also, if I’m not clear enough I can give you more context.


When all 5 signal strength LEDs begin blinking every 1 second, this signifies that the device is undergoing a reboot. Could you provide more details about the frequency and circumstances under which this occurs?

Perhaps there is something that presses the reset button or maybe there is something stuck in the casing where the reset button is located?

Considering the device’s placement within a van, there could potentially be a power-related issue. Could you describe how you power the device? Is its performance stable when used at home?

When the issue occurs, does the device recover by itself or do you need to take action? How do you go about restoring the device to normal operation?

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Hello Andzej,
Thanks for the quick reply.
Indeed the Router was booting but it was booting indefinitely. Sometimes (1 out of 10 tries) the router was booting, I could log into the webUI but it never stopped loading the page.

I’m pretty sure nothing was pushing the reset button as I was able to push it manually and get the router to reboot or go into bootloader mode.

The issue was reproducible both in and out of the van. In the van I installed a industrial rating 9v buck converter and did see any issue with this power supply. At home I powered it up with the power supply provided with the package.

Yesterday, I tried reinstalling the bootloader and the firmware via the bootloader menu (15 seconds press of the reset button) but after 2 hours of installation it never rebooted itself.
After a power cycle, I now see the router have only its power supply led turned on and cannot go back into a normal operating mode neither a bootloader mode.

It seems to be bricked…
What do you suggests ?

Thanks again :slight_smile:
Valentin Rudloff


In this situation, if you can only see the power LED and you’re unable to access the bootloader, there’s not much that can be done. It does seems like a hardware issue.

I suggest contacting your designated sales manager or the reseller from whom you have purchased the device to initiate the RMA procedure.

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