RUT 950 hangs on SIM connection time to time

I have got issue with my Rut-950 that it hangs one time per day. I use SIM in France from AirMob and network set is Orange. APN is set as requested by provider and mobile data MTU is set to 1420 (due to some applications issues). I need to have this network stable.

Perhaps I should restart router daily?

Please let me know where I can send logs.

I appreciate any help you can provide.


Apologies for the delayed response.
The System logs can either be pasted in the next comment, or uploaded to the third-party hosting service and the URL can be shared here. Make sure to remove any sensitive information!
The logs will hopefully let us determine where the issue could lie.
Instead of Automatic reboot, in this case it might be better to configure Ping reboot. This can be configured by navigating to System → Maintenance → Auto reboot (>=00.07.05) or Services → Auto reboot → Ping/Wget reboot (<00.07.05). Select the action as Device reboot, or Modem reboot, and select an address to check against.

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