RUT 901 - Multi AP

Runing a RUT 901 and there is no MULTI AP option next the SCAN or ADD on the wireless page. as the unit is mobile i am roaming to find different hot spots.


For multi AP, simply create a new instance by pressing the add button, then in the new window change the mode to Multi AP. Information here.

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thank you. I have tried that but it wont let me add any hotspots. when i change mode to MULTI AP i cannot save it. error message ‘invalid…’ even if i add a hotspot manual it still gives an error message. it wont let me save he instance as MULTI AP and reverts to mode ’ access point’

what i wanted to be able to do is to scan for avaiable hotspots and save several with the different access passwords. i cannot upload a file as i don’t know the details without running a scan. the unit is used in a mobile evironment and so it would be useful to save different hotspots and access when revisited


Firstly, the SCAN button itself is still available, so you can see what SSIDs are available.

Secondly, if you want to connect to a Hotspot with a Captive Portal, you will need to install a TravelMate package. A configuration example is available on our wiki here.

Lastly, double-check your configurations:

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Thank you. I have installed Travelmate and successfully scaned and joined a single hot spot.
It was not possible to change the mode to MULTI after adding.
So I deleted this instance and created a new one manually adding the SSID and PHRASE. Changed the mode to MULTI. This worked.

However it doesn’t seem possible to then use the SCAN feature from the main screen. Selecting SCAN it won’t let you JOIN another hotspot.

Selecting the MULTI instance I can manually ADD another SSID. But there is no SCAN facility on that screen only ADD / BROWSE.

So I have got it working but only in add manual mode not using the SCAN for Multi AP.

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