Rut 901 keep disconecting...solved in a weird way

Hello… on the rut 901 model I encountered a problem after I disconnected from mobile data from the web ui and I was surprised to find that it works intermittently and keeps disconnecting at intervals of 30 s… I put another sim card without turning off the router, I noticed that it works without disconnecting, I added the sim card with problems again and removed the one that worked… the card with problems started working without disconnecting… …both sim cards are from the same network, the one I added works only on 3g, being older…it can help someone who encountered these problems…my router has an update for month 2-2024… …now in the router I go to the card that had problems after accidental disconnection and it is on LTE…strange

and indeed, if a connection is not stable and is between 3g and 4g, you must switch to 3g only…someone on the forums suggested checking the connections

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