RUT 360 - get APN via SMS report

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we use SMS commands to get a report of the device. There are many variables, beginning with %##
Is there any option, to get the APN from the inserted SIM card?



Certainly, you can utilize the UCI API SMS Utilities to accomplish this task. Here are the detailed steps to follow:

  1. Ensure that the UCI API SMS Utilities are available and activated. If they are not already set up, create a new rule by navigating to Mobile Utilities >> SMS Utilities. Add a rule with the UCI API action. You can refer to the screenshot below for guidance:

  1. Click on “Modify SMS Rule.” Configure the authorization method based on your specific requirements. For example, you can choose to use the router admin password for authentication. Alternatively, you have the option to set no authentication, use the router’s serial number, or employ a designated password. Specify the allowed numbers as per your preference. For instance, you can select “From all numbers” to permit any number to send an SMS to the router and receive a response. Alternatively, you can choose a single number or a group of numbers that are permitted to communicate with the router via SMS. Once configured, save the settings and apply them.

  1. To retrieve the desired information, send an SMS according to the settings you have configured. For example:
    <router_password> uci get network.mob1s1a1.apn

In this command, “uci get” is used to request the router to return specific values, specifically the APN of the “mob1s1a1” mobile interface. Replace <router_password> with your actual router password. The router will then respond with the APN information associated with the installed SIM card.

For further insights into the details of this UCI command and the Mobile Utilities feature, I recommend reviewing the following resources:


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