RUT 300 as Wireguard Server

Hi there,

I am trying to setup my RUT300 as a wireguard server. Running the latest firmware
And connecting from an ubuntu pc as a client to the RUT300 as a server.

However I am not able to do get a the handshake established. I checked the wiki and the manual.
I used to setup wireguard server on openwrt following this and it always worked without a problem.

But on the RUT300 I can not get it to run.
Any advise?



There are many reasons why the tunnel could not establish. If your Ubuntu server is behind NAT, try pinging the LAN IP of the RUT300 (assuming the option route allowed IPs is enabled). If that helps, make sure that persistent keepalives are enabled on Ubuntu server. Additionally, make sure that the tunnel subnet is included in the IP addresses field on both RUT300 and the Ubuntu server.
If neither of these suggestions help, please post the configuration of RUT300 and the Ubuntu server. Remember to hide the last two parts of the RUT300’s IP address and the private and public keys.

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