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Dear Support,

We have RUT 241 and we have connected it to an Access Switch. We have connected 2 x Camera onto the switch which connnects to the RUT241.

We have done a port forward on the RUT using port 1140 and 1150. Issue is we can access the camera fine but it drops the connections intermittently i.e it toggels between cameras feeds.

Any reason why it will disconnect the feeds running on the same IP but different ports?

RUT has latest firmware installed , fyi

not nearly enough information here.

  • what ist the LAN IP of your router
  • what are the IPs of your cameras
  • what ports are the cameras listening on
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Camera IP s with Ports
Camera A
Camera B


Currently, the IP addresses of your devices seem unusual. All devices should have distinct IP addresses, but they appear to be the same. Could you please share screenshots of the port forward rules you have set up? Additionally, provide screenshots showing the devices connected to the router along with their respective IPs. You can find this information in Status → Network → Topology by clicking on the “Scan LAN” button.

Once you have this information, please share it with us so that we can further investigate and address the issue.

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The device/Camera IP are different but connected to same RUT using a dumb switch.

Please see below


Make sure your OpenVPN connection is set up correctly. With some additional configuration, you can access LAN networks of OpenVPN clients without port redirection. This allows you to reach devices directly. Here is a link to a configuration example: OpenVPN Configuration Examples.

Adjust your settings accordingly and try pinging from another OpenVPN device to your camera’s IPs. Please share your findings with us.

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