RUT 241 : external Gateway with RUT 241


Since we migrate RUT241 firmware from 7.04.5 to 7.05, it is no more possible to set a gateway on the LAN. The external gateway and the RUT are on the same LAN and we do not want to use the WAN services of the RUT. (cellular, eth1, wifi client)

We only use these services on the RUT : Data to server and OPENVPN client.

We need help as soon as possible.



In v7.05, the interfaces were divided into LAN and WAN sections, as visible in the WebUI. This division aims for a logical separation between LAN and WAN sides. In this setup, LAN interfaces facilitate internet sharing with devices, while WAN interfaces acquire internet access. If you wish to establish a default gateway on LAN (enabling internet access from the LAN), you can create a new interface in WAN, and in the physical settings attach it to the LAN device (eth0).

Alternatively, a simpler and safer method that I recommend is to add a static route in Network → Routing → Static routes from the LAN interface through your preferred IP address.

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Thanks, we added a route and it is correct.

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