Rut 240 - Regular disconnections - re post

This is a repost as unfortunately I didn’t realise the topic would get closed automatically and previously I had good help from Daumantas but sadly the issue still happens.

I have a RUT240 connected to Vodafone in the UK and we get frequent disconnections which seems to be worse on the latest firmware. RUT2_R_00.07.04.5

Anyone got anything I can check to try and make this a more stable connection. Happy to upload any logs if that will help you diagnose whats going on.

I’m only a little bit techy so please give good instructions!!

Thanks in advance

The reply from Daumantas was:
Indeed, from the logs it seems like while the device is still connected to the carrier, it does not have a connection to the internet, thus the modem reboots to try and recover the connection.
Could you try disabling failover and/or ping reboot and check if the issue replicates?
Additionally, you could navigate to Network → Interfaces → General, edit the mob1s1a1 interface, disable the Auto APN, and insert as a custom APN. This will force the router to skip a few connection checks just so we can validate that there actually is no connection.

If it is confirmed that connection is lost during these short periods, here are a few things to try:

  • Try disabling VoLTE by navigating to Network → Mobile → General settings;
  • Try selecting a different band (e.g. B3) by navigating to Network → Mobile → General settings, selecting LTE-only mode, and only selecting B3 (if it’s available in your area);

I have tried all of this apart from the final part of changing the B3 network but thought I would post the latest log form when it just disconnected again to see if anyone else or Daumantas again can spot anything that would pin point the issue. We have a great 4G signal where we live as the mast is literally 200m behind us and we are all on the same mobile network and never have the same disconnection issues on any of our (4) mobile phones. It only seems to be the Teltonika that is the issue and my family are getting fed up with it disconnecting when they’re in the middle of school work / music lessons / zoom calls. Would really appreciate any help you can give to get thi stable.

Its just disconnected again, might have happened more times since yesterday but just happened when I was downloading file and have noticed that quite often when I do a speed test it drops the connection.

Would someone be kind enough to have a look a the new log to see fi there is anything in there that is causing this as I’m about to throw the Teltonika out of the window.

Incidentally on my phone, if I connect directly to the 4G I get about 150 / 170 MB download if I’m connected to the wifi through my Teltonika, I only get about 45/50. Could that be a pointe in any way?

Actually, looking at that log, you might need the log before the one I just posted as have realised the disconnection happened just before the start fo the last log I posted so maybe this one will help.

Really appreciate any light anyone can shine on this.

OK definietly seems ot have somethign to do with downloading a file. Have just tried again to download a 150Mb file and it slows at first and then finally gives up and breaks the connection at about 40Mb. that was at 15:38 and then it connected again and the file carried on downloading and again at approx 15:41, it died again.

Once again if I thether the same Vodafone connection from iPhone to my computer this never happens it is only when using the Teltonika.

More updated log below.

Hi Again Dumantas,

Thanks for your reply. I had already updated the firmware a little while ago and just checked again and it is currently on the latest firmware.

Its so unreliable now, I think I’m going to need to get something else.


Apologies for a late response.
Since we have limited possibilities to troubleshoot the issue here, I will ask you to contact your reseller or sales manager in order to establish a private channel of communication with us. This way we can arrange a remote session to dig deeper into the issue. If these points of contact are not possible, please fill out the Contact Us form here: Teltonika Networks - LTE Routers, Gateways & Modems for IoT

Best regards,

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We have removed some of the comments in this comment section that discussed a procedure for updating the modem. This procedure is meant for internal use or special cases where the standard method is not available. However, this procedure is quite complex and risky, as any interruption in power or connection could cause irreversible damage to the modem. Therefore, we have decided to delete the information related to this procedure.

The recommended way to update the modem is to use the DFOTA service by navigating to System → Firmware. This is much safer and simpler than the alternative procedure.

If you have any further concerns, please contact us by filling out the Contact Us form here: Teltonika Networks - LTE Routers, Gateways & Modems for IoT
We will not answer any more questions about this topic on the forum. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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