RUT 240 Bridge assigning local address from RUT240 not a DHCP leased from ISP

All I want to do is use the RUT240 as an LTE failover on a dual wan router.

Internet (LTE) → RUT240 → Router

I’ve been on articles and following instructions for bridge mode but my Ubiquiti USG Pro4 keeps picking up a 192.168.x.x address from RUT240 instead of a bridged 100.46.x.x from the LTE ISP.

This is current setup:


Mobile set to bridge mode
LAN - DHCP On and to Bridge eth0,1 to use WAN port as well
WAN/WAN6 turned off

When DHCP is turned on my router picks up a local address, when turned off it pickes up nothing

I can’t for the life of me after changing all manner of settings get the router to pick up an external bridged address.

Any difinitive guide out there or am I missing something??




Please, double-check if you have entered the correct MAC address of your Ubituiti router’s WAN interface in the bridge settings on RUT240.

Also, please take a look at the mobile bridge troubleshooting article here.

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-.- I feel so silly, when I was entering the MAC address I was referencing off my phone from the router. The Unifi app for my router was displaying the MAC address of the overall device. It was only till I accessed the WebUI on my PC for the Unifi router that I got the MAC address for WAN2. It’s now picking up the ISP DHCP address.

You sir are amazing

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