RU12x dual sim passthrough

Hi I was looking at connecting the RUTX12 with both sims being used to a 3rd party router/gateway and want to put all layer 3 control to the 3rd party router and use the RUTX12 as just the modem for the LTE connections. is there any documentation on this topic thanks.

According to your description I understand you want to direct all transport through 3rd party router and RUTX12 use just for the access point, am I right?


I presume what you are looking for is Passthrough/Bridge mode for both modems. If that is the case, Bridge mode can be enabled on both SIM interfaces, and the MAC addresses will need to be specified for each downlink interface. If this is the topology you’d like to achieve:
Then when configuring mob1s1a1 interface, enter the MAC address of the WAN1 interface (AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA in the example):

The same needs to be done for the second interface, except the MAC address should be of the WAN2 interface (BB:BB:BB:BB:BB in the example). Make sure WAN1 and WAN2 has different MACs!

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