RTUM50, nat, speedtest failure

I received the device, connected a SIM card, antennas, etc, as per the Quick Guide.
My PC is on the Lan1, and got IP from DHCP , and I was able to login via web GUI and change the 5G routers password.
I tested SMS (send/receive), the SIM got an IP from the Carrier’s network (I think the IP is NATted, a private one)
I have nothing connected on the WAN port, since the SIM is supposed to have Internet service, I don’t think I need anything on WAN.
The speedtest from the GUI doesn’t work, and my PC cannot ping anything on the Internet ( for example)
The CLI gives me some error as well.
Screenshots below
Could you provide some guidance for basic configuration? The first thing I need to test is regular NAT from a PC connected on the LAN port, to the internet, using the mobile service on SIM 1.
Later I will need to test failover, etc.



We are glad to help you out!

That is correct, IP addresses in the range between and belong to Carrier-grade NAT. This IP will not be reachable over the internet.

Correct, SIM card can be the only internet source.

Do the ICMP packets get dropped, or do you receive a message like “Destination unreachable”? Since the router shows internet status as Connected, it seems that the issue is between the router and the LAN device.

To log into the CLI, username root is used, along with the password that is used to log into the WebUI.

Firstly, I would suggest testing the SIM card in your mobile phone to check if the internet connection is established. If it is, try launching hotspot and connect to it. If the device connected to hotspot receives internet connectivity, we can move on to further troubleshooting.

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