RTU950vRTU955 location

I’m on a narrowboat on the canal system and I have a RTU950 how ever when I try to use location services on websites and apps they don’t work because they don’t know where I am.
If I was to install a RTU955 with a GPS antenna will this solve the issue ?
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This depends on what websites and apps you have in mind. You can find the supported GPS IoT platforms here.

It should be possible to use Traccar as well. Traccar is quite popular among the users. You can find more information about Traccar on their webpage here.

You should also be able to see your location from the WebUI of RUT955 in Services → GPS → Map.

Information about the GPS functionality on RUT955 itself can be found here, but generally, it can be used to, for instance, simply forward NMEA sentences, send GPS data to HTTP(S) server, TAVL server, or AVL server.

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