RTU950 limited mobile connectivity

Hi there,

since a few days I am trying to use a RTU950 with 4G SIM only.
The sim is active and does not require PIN, it has been tested in an external mobile phone
when inserted in the RTU950 it gets connected and registered but I can see only a few MB as data sent out and a few KB of data received.

There is no real internet.
I can ping public IP of my device but nothing else


Firstly, If you’re not already using the latest firmware version, please update to the latest version, making sure to disable the ‘keep settings’ option during the update.

Secondly, check that both mobile antennas are correctly attached. Additionally, provide a screenshot of the Status → Network → Mobile page displaying the signal information. Be sure to remove any sensitive information like IMSI or ICCID from the screenshot.

Lastly, verify that the SIM card can be used in the routers. If it’s not, your service provider might be limiting your speeds.

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thanks for the reply.
In the meanwhile I figured out the root cause… it was reading wrong API from the SIM, so I had to look for proper API from google and set it manually.

It turned out a very small difference in the domain name (like .it instead of .web) but it worked out and now is brilliantly working.

Thansk for the support.

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