RTSP Connection tracking missing in RUTX11


I am using my RUTX11 with Freedom Internet in the Netherlands. This provider is providing IPTV using Settop boxes from Canal Digitaal. Live TV is offered via IGMP Multicast, which works fine. Other services use RTSP which needs connection tracking in the router.

However, I see multiple protocal options in connection tracking, but RTSP is missing.


In order for this to work I used port forwarding, which works fine with one STB, but will break with multiple STB’s.

Is it possible to add RTSP to the conntrack package?

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Thank you for reaching out. After careful investigation, it appears that the RTSP connection tracking feature is not supported on your Teltonika RUTX11 router due to architectural limitations. Unfortunately, the current hardware configuration of the router’s CPU does not allow for the installation of the necessary modules to enable RTSP support.

If you have any further questions or if there’s anything else we can assist you with, please feel free to let us know.

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Thank you Rashid for your swift response,

I understand from your mail that it is a hardware limitation. Does that say that RTSP connection tracking is in the conntrack package, but not enabled in my hardware config?
Which hardware, which includes mobile, does support RTSP connection tracking? This may be interesting for my or others future choices. Could it be the RUTX12?


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The mention of “hardware limitation” suggests that the hardware configuration of the device does not support RTSP connection tracking.

Unfortunately as of now our devices does not support RTSP connection tracking


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